South Beach Weight Loss Diet Plan

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The South Beach weight loss method is a low carb diet plan which was published after Dr Robert Atkins popularized low carb dieting with the Atkins diet. If you’re interested in this type of diet, you might want to visit our no carb diet page.

The South Beach weight loss diet plan has a similar structure with the Atkins diet since it also has a 2-week induction phase and it is followed by a weight loss phase and finally, the maintenance phase.

However, the foods which are allowed in each diet program are different. For the South Beach diet program, it is mostly based on glycemic index of foods. This measure how fast the foods are converted into glucose in the digestive system. Refined flour and sugar are rapidly converted thus, they are high on the glycemic index and they are not allowed in this particular weight loss program. Middle range foods are mostly not allowed in the first 2 weeks of the diet plan.

South Beach What You Can Eat

The foods which are allowed in the first phase of this diet program are turkey breast, chicken and lean beef. You can have unlimited amounts of these foods. Fatty skin and meats are not allowed to avoid increasing the amount of saturated fat in the body.

However, you are allowed to take healthy oils such as mayonnaise and olive oil. You may also eat small amount of nuts, low fat cheese, eggs, seafood, peas and beans and non-starchy vegetables. With this wide variety of foods that you are allowed to eat, the South Beach diet program is definitely one of the best weight loss plans especially for vegetarians.

Foods Not Allowed In The First 2 Weeks

Foods which are not allowed during the induction phase are starchy vegetables, fruits, alcohol, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, and regular cheese. But most of these foods are added in the 2nd phase. One of the best things when it comes to a low carb diet is that you will be allowed to eat as many foods as you want as long as it is on the list of allowed foods.


You may crave for certain foods but it will just pass after a few days of following this diet program. Also, you will find it easier to follow the program if you will clear your kitchen of the foods which you shouldn’t be eating.

South Beach Weight Loss

The weight loss that you are going to expect when following this diet program will depend. It will vary from person to person but most people have lost up to 15 lbs in just 2 weeks of following the induction phase and the progress didn’t stop even on the last phase.

If you had a healthy diet before following this weight loss program, your losses will most probably be less because your body won’t have retained water to lose. However, this diet program will be great in losing weight steadily and maintaining a healthy and fit body.

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  1. Reta

    I have tried so many diets. But I notice all of teh foods that I binge on are carbohydrate food with flour ow sugar or both. I guess I need to stay off of them, right?

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