Zero Carb Diet And How It Works

Inuit with reindeer

Usually, when people talk about eating ‘no carbohydrates’ they don’t really mean they are following a zero carb diet. They generally mean they’re not eating rice, bread, potatoes and pasta. But there are also carbohydrates in vegetables, fruit and milk, and low amounts even in eggs and some organ meats.

However, the no carb diet, also known as zero carb diet, does exist. It was first defined by an expert named Vilhjalmur Stefansson. This expert is a Canadian explorer who has tried living with the Inuit people. During that time, he has followed and studied these people’s diet which is 90% fish and meat and it also includes fats.

Stefansson claimed that he was having a healthy body by following these people’s diet. However, it’s important to keep in mind that although Stefansson was Canadian, his parents had immigrated there from Iceland. Therefore his genes might have been adapted to survive on an arctic diet, which would not apply to most of us.

For most people, a low carb diet is much healthier than a zero carbohydrate diet, as well as being easier to follow.

The zero carb diet can be simply described as having very low carb meals in a person’s diet. This usually includes some low carb vegetables – if not, it won’t contain the vitamins and minerals that we need to survive. This generally means green leafy vegetables.

Some of the extreme versions of a no carb diet programs are created by people like Pierre Dukan. Following this type of diet would allow an individual to eat unlimited amounts of butter, eggs, fish and meat. Milk is not allowed. However, a person is allowed to use vegetable oils as well as butter when cooking because they don’t contain carbohydrates.

Zero Carb Diet Is Not Healthy

A zero carb diet is not healthy if sustained for any length of time. A person is unlikely to get enough fiber and other essential constituents of food, even if they are taking a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Anybody who wants to follow this type of diet routine should keep certain things in mind. First of all, the Inuit people whom Stefansson has lived with have eaten organically raised fish and meat. Thus, you may need to try finding organically raised meats today which is not that easy to do. Also, organically raised meats are usually expensive nowadays.

Following this type of diet program can also mean that you will be taking less of some of the vitamins and minerals which is why not all people can survive this type kind of diet routine especially to those who have medical problems such as diabetes.

Secondly, there are some studies that have shown that this type of diet routine may cause medical problems such as a weakened heart because of taking less carbs in the body thus, the arteries of the heart and the heart itself will have less energy and may get weak.

Always remember to not eat too much protein because this can cause kidney problems. Higher proportion of your daily calories should be acquired from fat if you are following this type of diet. Drink plenty of water to avoid any kidney damage and for you to have a higher chance of surviving this kind of diet program.

A zero carb diet is definitely something that’s very interesting to read about. However, you should do a thorough research about it first or seek a physician to ask if it is a suitable diet program for you before trying to follow it to avoid undesirable outcomes later on.

3 responses to “Zero Carb Diet And How It Works

  1. Kelly

    This is all very interesting. I don’t know if I believe in zero carb foods any more than zero calorie foods. But I guess it is not the same …

  2. Filo

    Take my word for it. Zero carb is very different than zero calorie. Most meat and fish has no carbohydrate at all.

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